Our People

World Wide wants to ensure that our people are as up-to-date as possible on all the latest tools and techniques for finding you the promotional products you need at the best value and prices.

characters_WayneWayne Jenkins

Director of Purchasing, Customer Guru and Partner of World Wide Concessions.

Wayne IS all things to all people. For more than 20 years, Wayne’s customers have become quite attached to him so you would think that would make it difficult for Wayne to spread the love. Mysteriously, he does manage to be wherever he is needed whenever he can help the most. Don’t ask us, we have no idea how he does it.

Linda Riviezzo

Customer Relations Goddess and specialist in listening to client needs.  Linda’s superhuman business branding savvy, energy and enthusiasm help to drive our new furniture line and will catapult World Wide forward by leaps and bounds. 


Mindy Bernstein

Office Furniture Wizard and specialist in business image enhancement.  Mindy is our secret weapon for choosing just the right office furniture solution for each client.  Don’t ask how, but she can make furniture do mysterious things.

characters_KellyKelley Smith

“The Kellster” Customer Service Specialist.

Creative Guru.Kelley keeps Wayne on his toes. Wayne says that since 2002, Kelley has developed a sixth sense about getting the most value out of suppliers. Or maybe they just don’t want to get on her bad side.

characters_MarianneMarianne Schroth

Promotional Specialist and behind the scenes Promotional Magician.

Since 2001, Marianne has become our resident expert on sourcing products. Michele says that without Marianne’s hocus pocus, World Wide would be “lost in space.”

Lynn BurneyLynn Burney

VP of Sales & Marketing and Partner of World Wide Concessions.

Do you know the man behind the curtain in The Wizard of Oz? Well, after 22 years you can’t help but become Great & Powerful. But, Shhhh! Lynn would prefer that no one knew.

Garry-MaddoxGarry Maddox

Founder & President.

World Series Champion, 8 time Golden Glove Award Winner, and all around jock, Garry provides the vision for us all – literally. Garry calls the plays, timeouts and sometimes throws tantrums at the plate. We don’t have the heart to remind him that he hasn’t played pro ball for 23 years.