Case Studies

We at World Wide have been challenged over the years. Here are just a few examples of our innate ability to rise to every challenge, no matter what:

“Wayne,  I would just like to thank you and Kelley for how wonderfully this was handled. As always we really appreciate your professionalism, attentiveness and can-do outlooks!”                        Casino Buyer & Customer of World Wide Concessions

The Story:  Rare, but it happens.  A manufacturer notified us of a delayed ocean shipment for an emergency car kit that was planned to be featured in the casino’s advertising campaign.  Waiting for the shipment would have resulted in a delayed campaign.  Wayne recommended an alternative product but the only suitable item was much more expensive.  Wayne negotiated with the manufacturer to get the price on the replacement item reduced so the client would not have to increase the amount of her P.O.  He overnighted a sample of the new emergency kit which was approved and the campaign launch date was saved!

car care kitThe Baseball Campaign Challenge

I was challenged to come up with an idea for a bread company campaign promotion for a local minor league baseball park.  Our team put their heads together and presented several ideas.

The idea the customer liked best was a bread box, but they had a reasonably small budget. They wanted a tin bread box with all over print and a lid, but price and time constraints would not allow this option. We researched different products and came up with a storage bin that was close in size and shape, and similar to a Tupperware container.

I took the samples to the customer and we matched the best option to the size of a loaf of bread. Since this storage container could not be printed economically or effectively, I suggested that we have custom size and shape multi-color labels printed up with team and sponsor logo and applied to the whole surface of the lid.

Once we had the details, I was able to calculate the cost of the bread box bin, multi-color labels, freight, and labor costs to unpack, attach the labels, and repackage. Since I was able to hire a crew at my location to handle the packaging and labeling, the cost came in under budget and we were able to provide a customer piece that made this give-away a hit.



pyramidA customer who is a Curator at a world renowned museum was looking for a unique gift to present to their clients for an Egyptian exhibit. He had invited the museum’s most prestigious clients to this event and wanted something that would be remembered and thought about after the event was over.

I began researching and came up with a King Tut Liquid filled Pyramid Paperweight.

I told my client we would be able to imprint their company name and logo on this piece and they loved the concept. They placed an order for 700 pieces and a week later called and increased the quantity to 1,000 pieces.

It turned out to be a perfect fit for the theme and the museum’s clients were very impressed with their wonderful gift…



A large flooring product company needed the perfect item for an event in a rush and the one they wanted was out of stock due to the lateness of the order. I searched and was able to find a comparable item for the same price and in the same color that could be shipped in time without incurring late charges. The customer loved the product



There was a 10K piece lanyard order that a large casino client needed in a rush for a special event. I worked with the manufacturer and had them produce a free pre-production sample ASAP and sent it to the customer. They were not 100% happy with the lanyard and were ready to go elsewhere. I contacted the vendor and told them what the customer needed changed and they rushed over another sample in a different material. The customer loved it so much they placed a reorder. With the dedicated help from the vendor, it was a huge success.




It has been my pleasure to work with World Wide Concessions to meet our company’s marketing needs over the past ten years. The professionals at World Wide are easily accessible, quick to respond and always have new and cost-effective ideas for our promotional materials. Our representatives from World Wide, Wayne Jenkins and Marianne Schroth, are both very knowledgeable and supportive of our business plan. They understand our unique industry and the message we need to get out to our customers and work within our budget to help present the very best image for our company. They also support our charitable events as a generous sponsor. Year after year we can count on World Wide to provide innovative gift ideas and sponsorship support. Offering a vast range of promotional items, excellent customer service ad cost-effective solutions, I would highly recommend World Wide for all of your promotional purchases. Sincerely

-Vice President, Business Development



Hi Marianne & Michele,
You both are the best. Yes, this is our 23rd Family & Friends Day at church. It is usually over 1000 people in church and then maybe 800 who will stay to eat at the fellowship. Our new ushers and the youth are very happy they will have t-shirts like the rest of them. Take care and thanks so much. Don’t forget to send me the information on the pens and bags for our 2010 retreat. Have a wonderful day.

-HR Specialist



Hi Marianne I wanted to say thank you for your help with the magnetic bumper stickers. They look great and were a big hit with the kids. I also just wanted to give you a heads up. Some individuals across the country and starting to get decals to put on teen’s cars to warn others a new driver is driving (like NJ’s law but it is voluntary). I gave your name as a vendor that could help with a program like this to a high school booster club. I am not sure what their plans are but they were looking for someone good and that’s you! Again thank you and I am sure we will be in touch.

-Director of Education



I have had the great pleasure to work with World Wide Concessions and Wayne Jenkins over the past decade on many of our promotional giveaways. We take great pride in presenting our fans with a quality promotional item and that is exactly what you get when you work with World Wide.
World Wide delivers a great product in a timely fashion. You will never have to worry about missing a giveaway. You are in great hands with Wayne and his staff. He is always willing to go above and beyond the call of duty. Whether it is delivering the product himself directly to your door, or helping out in a pinch when you find yourself in a difficult situation, the service you receive is tops in the industry!
If you were in the market for a promotional item for a giveaway, season ticket gift or any other possible client gift I would highly recommend World Wide.

-Director of Operations